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Even if you can't mingle with the crowds at your local cafe, you can experience going out while staying (very) close to home.


In this current moment when many of us are staying home, one of the best remedies to help alleviate some of the stress is to head outside and get some fresh air — preferably at least six feet or more away from your neighbor. If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space, whether you have a sprawling backyard or a smidgen of a patio, make the most of it with these seven ideas for improving your outdoor area. 

Curate an outdoor lounge space

Had to cancel a beach vacation you planned for spring break or summer? Set up an outdoor lounge space on your patio or in the yard to give your outdoor space a tropical

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Before you walk out that door for the final time, check these common "hiding places" for items you'll miss if you arrive at your new home without them:

Crawl spaces: Both under the house and in the attic. New occupants sometimes find things like holiday decorations, canning jars, and seasonal toys stashed in these little-used spaces. 

Under the sinks - where you may have stashed last-minute cleaning supplies.

The top shelf in closets and cabinets - where something may have been pushed to the back.

Your dishwasher - where you may have run a light load at the last minute. 

The oven, where you may have stashed pots and pans you were using during the move, and the drawer under the oven, where you might find pots and pans you seldom use. 

The refrigerator,

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A holiday home is beautiful, but it can also be hazardous. Stay safer and keep the holidays happy by heeding these tips:

  • If you have a tree, make sure it is well secured. If necessary, use cord to tie it back to a wall. This is especially important if you have pets or small children.
  • If yours is a live tree, keep it watered continuously.
  • Before adding lights - indoors or out - check them for frays or broken wires. 
  • Don't overload your extension cords!
  • Be sure that all electrical cords are tucked out of the way where they can't become a tripping hazard.
  • Remember that many of your favorite holiday treats can be deadly for cats and dogs - avoid leaving them where a cat or dog can reach them. Chocolate Santas don't belong under the
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Even if you aren't planning to purchase a home in the near future, it's wise to check your credit report regularly. 

If you ARE planning to buy a house, or even a car, it's doubly important. Your credit scores will influence the interest rate you're offered when you make that purchase. Naturally, you want the highest scores possible in order to get the lowest interest rate possible. 

Paying every bill on time throughout your entire life won't guarantee that your scores are as high as they could be. For example:

  • If you use your credit cards, you could be losing points because too much of your revolving balance is on just one card. 
  • If you don't have any credit cards, you are probably losing points for not having enough credit to demonstrate
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If relocation is in your plans for the new year, shopping during a holiday break may be your only opportunity to find your next home prior to the actual move. 

If that's the case for you, choose a real estate professional well ahead of your arrival here in Vancouver. Get acquainted and let that agent know exactly what you are looking for. You'll not only save "interview time," you'll save time by letting your agent eliminate homes that won't work for you.

You may need to be within an easy commuting distance to your school or workplace. Your agent will know which neighborhoods to include in your search.

In addition to features you must have in your new home, you may have some conditions that would automatically rule out a specific house. For

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When you read that houses are selling within just a few days of going on the market, you might think you really don't need to hire a listing agent. 

What isn't evident is the preparation that went into bringing those homes to market.

Agents first do the research necessary to help homeowners price their properties correctly - because an over-priced house won't sell. 

Then they give advice and guidance on getting the house camera-ready and show-ready. It isn't as simple as just saying a house is for sale. It needs to present well on line in order to be noticed. Then, unless you're going for a fixer-upper price, it has to look super when would-be buyers arrive. 

Do most sellers know where to hire a stager, a professional real estate photographer, and a

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The pandemic of 2020 caused more than illness. The changes brought about because of lock-downs and cautionary measures caused an upheaval in most of our lives. 

For some it meant unemployment. For others it meant working remotely from home. And for those with school-age children, it meant home schooling. For almost everyone it meant an end to dining out, going to concerts or movies, and enjoying sports and social gatherings. 

If you have become unemployed, you may have gotten forbearance. If you have a government-backed loan, you'll be able to repay the missed payments at the end of the loan term, or when you sell the house. If not, you may be expected to make up those missed payments when forbearance ends. 

Meanwhile, unless you're back at work,

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Like many homeowners, you may have eyed a home improvement project in the past only to come up short on time or inspiration.

Don’t feel bad. Nearly half (43%) of all homeowners say their biggest challenge around home improvement decisions is finding DIY time, which also may explain why the same percentage of people say they have unfinished home improvement projects — typically two.

Since many of us are spending much or all of our time at home, now might be a good time to channel some of that cabin fever into a project that could add value to your home or infuse it with new energy.

Here’s a sampling of projects you can tackle alone — or with a pint-sized assistant in need of a play date.

Beginner projects

New faucets

Attention to detail

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To ensure your jack-o'-lantern is primed for Halloween, follow these tips.

While Halloween may look a little different this year, there’s no reason you can’t still have an amazing outdoor display. If you’re not interested in shelling out big bucks for a 12 foot animatronic skeleton, or if your style is more autumn chic than gothic gore, you have plenty of options when it comes to the traditional jack-o’-lantern. Before you cut into your sacrificial squash, check out these top tips for making a carv-tastic display.

Pumpkin selection

There are no rules for what size or shape makes for a great jack-o’-lantern. Any pumpkin can rise to ghoulish greatness. Do look for a pumpkin that isn’t bruised and has no mold around the stem. Who wants to cut into a

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You've probably heard that when you are searching for a new Vancouver home, you should make three lists. These lists tell your agent what your new home must have, what you would like it to have, and what it must NOT have. 

Today, with a scarcity of homes for sale, narrowing the choices to fit your lists can be difficult.

The solution? Instead of simply giving your agent a list of what your next house must have or not have, give him or her a list that includes WHY you've included those features. 

For instance, you may have said that you must have 4 bedrooms. Is that because you want an extra room for overnight guests, or because you plan to turn one bedroom into an office, a school-room, or a craft or exercise room? Is it possible that a 3 bedroom home

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