October 2012

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Curb Appeal – The First Impression Sets the Expectation

Curb appeal – that first view of a home that buyers get – is the first impression that sets the expectation and the tone for the entire viewing.

As humans we tend to see what we expect to see. A first impression sets up that expectation, and our minds will subconsciously seek to find evidence that our expectation is correct.

A neglected or run-down exterior tells buyers that the entire house has not been well-maintained, while an inviting exterior tells buyers that what they see inside will be equally inviting.

And generally, that's what those buyers will see. They'll subconsciously seek evidence that their expectation is correct, and may even overlook subtle signs that they might be

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Home buyers – Pre-approval is a necessity, not an option

A few years ago, becoming pre-approved for your home mortgage loan was a smart thing to do, but you could find a home and even get an offer accepted without it.

Now that's not the case.

With today's tighter lending standards, sellers want to know you have the ability to purchase before taking their homes off the market. Today, you have to prove that you have the credit and the income to support payments on the house you've chosen.

You can't blame the sellers for this attitude. Short sellers in particular are under a time crunch. If they take a chance on a buyer who ultimately can't close the purchase, they have to start all over. And in that time, their house may go to foreclosure.

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Preparing to buy or sell a home in Vancouver? Have a Yard Sale!

Do you really enjoy spending your time moving boxes? If not, get busy and have a yard sale well ahead of your move.

Even if you're just starting to consider buying a home, it's a good time to start filling boxes and making piles of possessions that you haven't used in the past year or two.

Then, once you get serious about finding a home, go through cupboards, closets, basements, and attics in search of more possessions that don't need to accompany you to your new home.

Once you think you've found everything, clear it all out with a yard sale. Your eventual move will be easier, and you just might make enough money to assist with your home purchase.

If you're a seller, make it a

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After You've Searched the Internet for Your New Home, Trust Your Agent

Today most home buyers begin their search for a home on the Internet. That's why home sellers "in the know" choose agents who go all out for good photographs and property descriptions in their Internet presentations.

Searching online is convenient and can save you hours and days of time. It allows you to narrow your search to homes in the neighborhoods you want and with the features you seek.

But beware. If you limit your search to the homes that appeal to you online, you just might miss the house you'd love best.

You see, not all agents take the time and trouble to post good photographs and descriptions. Some only post one photo – and that might have been taken from their

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Buying or Selling a Home? Don't tell your Facebook friends.

Facebook has become a way of life for many today. People share all of life's little ups and downs with friends, but information about an upcoming home purchase or sale is one bit of information you must not share.

The agent on the other side of your transaction is always listening and looking for clues to your motivation and your willingness to accept the price that his or her client wants to pay or receive. And anything that agent learns will weaken your negotiating position.

Your agent may be telling their agent that you said "I won't pay over $172,000" but if the agent just read your Facebook page where you told your friends you'd go as high as $185,000, the agent will advise the

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