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For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home. As such, its appearance can make or break the sale of your Vancouver home.   So what can you do inexpensively to create a "Wow" factor and help your home sell faster – and perhaps for more money?   First, make everything sparkle, start with cleaning and de-cluttering.   Then get rid of everything you don't actually use. Make room inside the cabinets for those appliances that you do use often, then put them out of sight.   Take down the refrigerator magnets and kid's drawings and pack them for transport to your next home. Move the family calendar to an office or bedroom.    Strive for clutter-free counter-tops.   What else? 
  • If the kitchen window sills or the
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When you're selling your home here in Vancouver the condition of the bathroom will play a large part in your success.   Because the bathroom is one of the two most used rooms in any homes, buyers give them a lot of attention.  The way yours looks could be the deciding factor when buyers are wavering between your home and another.   So what can you do to give your bathroom(s) greater appeal?   The first and most obvious fix is to scrub everything until it shines. If you have discolored tile grout, bleach it or stain it darker. If you have worn caulking, dig it out and replace it with fresh caulking.   What else can you do for less than $100?
  • Replace the toilet seat.
  • Hang a new shower curtain, with towels and a floor mat
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Bank-owned homes here in Vancouver still offer good value for the money. Whether they're right for you depends upon whether you're willing to deal with a bit of clean-up, fix-up, and uncertainty.   The uncertainty comes from not knowing the home's history.   Because the owner – the bank – has never occupied the home, they aren't required to provide a property condition report. Thus, any lurking problems are yours and your home inspector's to discover.   Next, since no one involved has ever lived there, there's no one who knows all about how to operate the various systems. If the furnace has some quirks – they’ll be yours to discover. If you need to find a hidden valve in order to use the sprinkler system, it will be up to you to search…
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Home sales activity in Vancouver housing market in September continues to far outpace September 2012, yet is in line with the region’s 10-year.

The Real Estate Board  reports that residential property sales in  Vancouver reached 2,483 on the MLS  in September 2013. This represents a 63.8 per cent increase compared to the 1,516 sales recorded in September 2012, and a 1.2 per cent decline compared to the 2,514 sales in August 2013.

Last month’s sales were 1 per cent below the 10-year sales average for the month, while new listings for the month were 3.5 per cent below the 10-year average.

“While sales are up considerably from last year, it’s important to note that September 2012 sales were among the lowest we’ve seen in nearly three decades,” the

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