February 2014

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If you're seeing plenty of potential buyers coming through your home for sale, but none are presenting offers, there could be a very good, yet disappointing, reason: Your price is too high in comparison with similar homes.   Your home is being used to encourage the sale of other homes in Vancouver.   Here's what happens: Agents first bring buyers to your home, then they take them to a similar home that is significantly lower priced. Compared to yours, the second home is a bargain, so they make an offer.   They could also be using your home as a comparison to homes of the same price that are priced correctly. Then the second home says "Look how much more you can get for the money when you choose me!"   If this is happening to you,
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You've heard it many times. Whether here in Vancouver or anywhere else in the world, home sellers need to be out of the house when buyers come through.   But why? What if the buyers and their agent have questions and need answers? I'm the one who knows all about this house.   Sellers need to be away for four reasons:   1. The seller's presence can cause buyers to leave before they've had time to fall in love with the house.   When the sellers are home, most buyers are shy. They're hesitant to open closet doors or turn on faucets to check the water pressure. They feel uncomfortable and won't stay long enough to really get a feel for the house or to stand around trying to decide if their furniture will fit.   2. Sellers who get
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People today use Facebook to share all of life's little ups and downs with friends, but some things should not be shared. For instance: information about an upcoming Vancouver home purchase or sale.   The agent on the other side of your transaction is always listening and looking for clues to your motivation and your willingness to accept the price that his or her client wants to pay or receive. And anything that agent learns will weaken your negotiating position.   Your agent may be telling their agent that you said "I won't pay over $172,000" but if the agent just read your Facebook page where you told your friends you'd go as high as $185,000, the agent will advise the seller to counter at $185,000.   The same is true in reverse. You…
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