December 2014

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Some home sellers here in Vancouver have told their agents not to show their homes during Christmas and New Year's weeks. They have company, the kids are home from school, or they simply want to relax and not worry about keeping the house in showing condition.   If they miss a buyer, that's OK. There will be another.   In addition, some listing agents have left town for a long vacation and failed to leave anyone in charge of scheduling showings, so their listings won't be seen during the holidays.   Some home buyers cease to look during these weeks for the same reasons. Finding a home is simply not the priority. And of course, some buyer agents have also decided to take time off – so their buyers are cast adrift.   Those home
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Before purchasing a home today, smart Vancouver buyers have a home inspection. The inspector alerts them to issues he or she can see or determine through testing, and then buyer and seller re-negotiate if there are structural or safety issues or if the inspector notes that something is of an age or condition where it might be expected to fail within a short time.   Can the inspector see and predict everything? No.   The reason appliances are sold with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty is because sometimes even brand new equipment is faulty. There are things going on with the interior mechanism that neither a homeowner nor an inspector can see or anticipate.   Are most new homeowners financially prepared to meet the cost of replacing a
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Some home sellers in Vancouver are led to believe that because their home is beautifully decorated, it doesn't need to be staged. Nothing could be farther from the truth.   It's true that staging usually involves de-cluttering and possibly even some fix-up or painting that a beautifully decorated home probably doesn’t need. Thus, people sometimes believe that only "tired," un-decorated, or vacant homes benefit from staging.   While stagers do make an interior space look beautiful, this is not their only function.   Stagers are trained to present a home to give it appeal to a wide variety of buyers. Thus, the decorating they do is "neutral," rather than a reflection of the occupant's personal taste and style. The furnishings are chosen…
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