After You've Searched the Internet for Your New Home, Trust Your Agent

Posted on Sunday, October 7th, 2012 at 8:25pm.

After You've Searched the Internet for Your New Home, Trust Your Agent

Today most home buyers begin their search for a home on the Internet. That's why home sellers "in the know" choose agents who go all out for good photographs and property descriptions in their Internet presentations.

Searching online is convenient and can save you hours and days of time. It allows you to narrow your search to homes in the neighborhoods you want and with the features you seek.

But beware. If you limit your search to the homes that appeal to you online, you just might miss the house you'd love best.

You see, not all agents take the time and trouble to post good photographs and descriptions. Some only post one photo – and that might have been taken from their car, with their cell phone. Some only give the bare facts about a house – such as the number of bedrooms and baths and the square footage. If there happens to be a special feature that you've been searching for, you'd never know it.

So yes, do give your agent a list of homes you've seen on line that interest you. But also tell him or her about the features on your wish list.

Active agents have actually seen many if not most of the homes on the market and might be able to take you straight to the house you want. Your agent can also save you time by discouraging you from viewing homes that clearly aren't what you're looking for.

You can say it serves the agents right if their poorly presented listings don't sell. But don't penalize yourself and miss out on the home of your dreams just because some agent didn't post good photographs and list all the features it has to offer.

Instead, be glad that your own agent knows more about the homes for sale, in Greater and Metro Vancouver, than you can learn on line. And silently thank the lazy agent for discouraging other buyers and leaving that house available for you.

When you want a new home, bring me your wish list. I might already know exactly the home that fits your description of "just right".

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