Buying a Vancouver Home for Investment? Location Counts

Posted by Liliana Sorescu on Tuesday, September 24th, 2013 at 6:37pm.

With prices and interest rates still low, you may be thinking of buying a  home for investment purposes.
You may want to try your hand at "fix and flip" – buying a home in need of repairs, doing those repairs, and re-selling. You may want to purchase a home suitable for a rental and let your tenants pay the mortgage.
Both are ways to make an extra income with real estate, but do be careful. Choose the neighborhood well, and get expert help to assure that the problems that need to be fixed are cosmetic, not structural.
What kind of neighborhood should you look for?
One where the homes are well-maintained. A solid middle-income neighborhood where residents take some pride of ownership. You also want a good Vancouver neighborhood that has a low incidence of crime, so check with the police department. If you're looking at a house in a family-oriented neighborhood, go on line to make sure the low price isn't due to a sexual offender living next door.
Old-time real estate gurus used to say "Choose the worst house in the best neighborhood," and that advice is still good today.
If you're ready, call me. I'll help you find Vancouver homes with the potential for profit.

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