Common Vancouver Home Selling Mistakes

Posted by Liliana Sorescu on Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 at 5:12pm.

Vancouver homeowners are understandably disappointed when they list a home for sale and after months on the market it expires unsold. They wonder why, when other homes in their neighborhood are selling, theirs did not.
Often the reason why can be found in one of these common home selling mistakes:
  • Overpricing
  • Poor presentation – failure to do the fix-up, clean-up,and de-cluttering activities their agent recommended.
  • Being present during showings
  • Putting limits on days and times for showing
  • Insisting on 24 hour notice for showings
  • Failing to negotiate low offers
  • And of course – choosing the wrong agent
If you're thinking of selling...
Before you choose a Vancouver agent, interview the agent, read his or her testimonials and bio, ask to see sales statistics, look at how he or she markets listings, pay attention to how quickly your calls are returned, and ask about the agency's cancellation policy. You should have the right to cancel if you're not happy with the service.
And don't forget: Choose someone who knows your local real estate market and can accurately advise you. Now is not the time to do a favor by listing with a friend or relative in a different city.
Once you've chosen the right agent, listen to your agent's advice.

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