Do You Need a Buyers' Agent When Buying a New Construction Home?

Posted by Liliana Sorescu on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013 at 4:30pm.

When you visit a new subdivision to view their model homes, should you take your own agent along?
Too many buyers look at buying a home in a new subdivision as something like ordering a new car. You go in, look at the models available, choose your options, and place your order.
When you buy that new car you know that the sales person is working for the dealership. There's never a question in your mind. Usually you have a pretty good idea about how much they can or will negotiate with you.
Unfortunately, buyers are sometimes lulled into thinking the agent at that model home is working for them. And it just isn't so.
When you work with a buyers agent who is familiar with new construction, you can save thousands of dollars because your agent will know how to negotiate with the builder. Agents know what you can ask for in terms of upgrades and will guide you as you read builder specifications, to ensure that the fixtures that come with your new house are the quality you expect.
So why take your agent along on the first visit?
Because if you're not represented on that first visit, you will be "working with" their in-house agent whether you like it or not. Most builders won't allow you to bring in your own representation once initial contact has been made.

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