Holiday Home Buyers and Sellers Mean Business

Posted by Liliana Sorescu on Monday, December 29th, 2014 at 1:17pm.

Some home sellers here in Vancouver have told their agents not to show their homes during Christmas and New Year's weeks. They have company, the kids are home from school, or they simply want to relax and not worry about keeping the house in showing condition.
If they miss a buyer, that's OK. There will be another.
In addition, some listing agents have left town for a long vacation and failed to leave anyone in charge of scheduling showings, so their listings won't be seen during the holidays.
Some home buyers cease to look during these weeks for the same reasons. Finding a home is simply not the priority. And of course, some buyer agents have also decided to take time off – so their buyers are cast adrift.
Those home sellers who do welcome potential buyers into their homes and do keep looking have a different priority. The holidays take second place to their need to buy or sell a home.
Some Vancouver sellers are about to leave town due to a job transfer and would like to know that their home is under contract before they leave. Others have a contingent offer on a new home and need to sell their current home in order to complete that purchase.
Some buyers only have their children's school break or a holiday leave from work in which to visit Vancouver and find a home. Others have sold their homes and really want to know where they're going when that sale closes.
In other words, those homes that are available are owned by serious sellers, and those individuals who are taking time out from the holidays to find a home are serious buyers.
Those agents who are listing and showing homes this month are also serious. I'm one of them, so if you'd like to get moving on your purchase or sale before 2015, call me! 

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