Hunting for a Home? Choose an Agent and Stick with Him or Her

Posted on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013 at 1:34am.

When you're hunting for a new home in Vancouver and using the Internet to search, it's tempting to click through and ask for information or a showing from the agent who has listed the property - and talk with a different agent with each click.

But that's really not in your best interests.

First, you do need your own agent. The listing agent is bound by law to get the best price and terms for the seller – not for you. If you want advice, the listing agent cannot provide it.

When you sign a buyer's representation agreement with an agent, that agent becomes bound by law to do his or her best for you – and to keep your confidential information confidential. (No, you don't want the seller or the seller's agent to know that you can spend more than you've offered, or that you absolutely must find a home by a specific date.)

Next, when you get acquainted with one agent and share your "needs and wants" that agent can sort through the available listings and help you focus on those homes that will suit you.

And if your agent knows you're working exclusively with him or her, you can be sure to be alerted any time a new listing that fits your needs comes on the market.

You'll save time and energy by not viewing homes that clearly don't meet your needs. And, in a seller's market, immediate notification about new listings can mean the difference between finding your new home and getting there "too late".

The bottom line: Sticking with one real estate agent means you'll get service. When you try to work with a dozen agents, you won't.

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