Posted by Liliana Sorescu on Sunday, September 13th, 2020 at 4:02pm.

Whether you've decided to sell your house or will soon be moving to a house you've purchased, now is a good time to hold a yard sale. 

But what about COVID-19? Isn't a yard sale risky?

It's no more risky than going to the grocery store - and probably less risky if you hold it outdoors. Space your tables far apart so buyers can maintain social distance; wear your mask; and have plenty of hand sanitizer on hand so people can feel free to handle the merchandise.

If you've decided to sell, you know you need to de-clutter to make your home feel as spacious as possible. Moving things out via a yard sale will mean you only have to handle things once. 

Moving will be less of a chore when you have several hundred pounds less to pack and carry. And... moving into your new home will be easier when you don't have to find a place for items you no longer want or need. 

As you sort your belongings for the sale, pack "keep"items that you don't use regularly into moving boxes. Then store them neatly at home if you have space - or rent a storage unit if you don't. Be sure to label the boxes as you go!

The money you'll take in might help pay for the moving van or for take-out meals while you're still organizing your new kitchen. But don't do it for the money, and don't try to get every possible dime from your unwanted belongings.

Instead, price everything to sell. And do put a price on everything. 

If you attend yard sales, you've probably been to some with prices so high that you could buy the same item new at a local store. Those items are generally still there when the sale is over. 

You may also have been to sales where there are no prices. A few die-hard hagglers will spot something and offer a price, but many others will just get back in their cars and move on to the next sale. Even people who love to bargain want to see a starting point. 

In the interest of clearing everything out, offer 50% off after a certain point in the day - or on the 2nd day if you're having a 2-day event. Put up big signs so your shoppers can't miss the bargain. 

When it's over, look at the leftovers. Are these useful items that would sell in a thrift store? If so, donate them to a local non-profit store. If not, give them a ride to the landfill. 

When your moving day arrives, you'll thank yourself for making this advance effort. 

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