I'm Sorry, We Couldn't Find You…

Posted by Liliana Sorescu on Thursday, September 12th, 2013 at 4:19pm.

Whether your Vancouver home is on the market or you are trying to purchase a home here in Vancouver, you need to remain available.
If your home is listed… Never go away, even for a week-end, without letting your agent know how to reach you.
Some buyers are under time constraints. They may come to Vancouver for only a few days and need to choose a home before they leave. Your home could be perfect for them, but if you're not available to authorize a showing, they won't even see it.
And, if you've authorized showings when you're not available, that buyer may move on to a different home when you don't respond to the offer within a day or two.
If you're the buyer and have submitted an offer that's not yet accepted, you also need to remain available. In the case of multiple offers, the sellers may ask for "Highest and best" from all contenders. If you can't be reached, you'll be out of the running.
You don't want to come home from a vacation to receive disappointing news – so make sure your Vancouver real estate agent always knows how to reach you and when you expect to return. 

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