Moving? Don’t forget…

Posted by Liliana Sorescu on Thursday, November 14th, 2013 at 3:49pm.

When you're moving in or out of a home in Vancouver, you'll have a long list of things to do.
Here are a few tasks that might get overlooked in the last-minute rush: 
  • Check to see if you've left any clothes at the dry cleaners – or anything at a repair shop.
  • Did you remember to return books, videos, and games? Make sure they don't get packed and taken along.
  • Even though everything is digital today, get your medical and dental records. Get refills of your prescriptions and pack them in something you will keep with you as you travel.
  • If you wear glasses, ask for a copy of your prescription, just in case something happens to your glasses before you have a new eye doctor.
  • And if you have pets – get their medical records.
  • Think of all the services and subscriptions you have – and get the services cancelled and the subscriptions changed to your new address.
  • Be sure to let the utility companies know your moving date – and it's nice to let them know who will be moving in as you move out.
  • At the other end – be sure to call ahead to arrange for service so you don't arrive in your new home on a Friday night and learn that you can't get power and water until Monday.
And as you make the last pass through the house…
You'll no doubt go through every closet, cupboard and drawer in the house before you go. Remember to also check the washer, the dryer, and the dishwasher.
Be sure to leave…
Your extra house keys and the garage door opener. They'll be of no use to you in your new home, but the new occupants will appreciate having them. If you also have remotes for things like outdoor awnings, be sure to label them and leave them behind as well.
Moving to a new home is an exciting, yet hectic time. Make your move a happy one by taking care of these small details. 

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