Questions to ask before choosing a real estate agent: Who takes over when you're not there?

Posted on Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 at 1:27am.

No agent can be available to clients every minute of a day.

Sometimes they're with another client. Sometimes they're at home in bed with the flu. Sometimes they go on vacation or have a family crisis that must be handled immediately.

So who takes over when they're not available?

  • If you're a buyer and you see a house you'd like to tour, who will make the appointment?
  • If you have a home for sale and someone wants to make an appointment, who will handle it?
  • If an offer comes in from another agent, who will receive that offer and get in touch with me?

Some agents simply disappear and expect their buyers and sellers to wait until they return.

Others, like me, have a back-up plan in place.

If you try to reach me when I'm with another client, know that I will return your call or your email just as soon as I'm available. The same is true for agents calling me to make appointments to see your home for sale or to inform me of an offer.

If I'm unexpectedly unavailable, I have an arrangement with my partner to take over in my absence.

And if I'm going to be gone for an extended time, such as on a vacation, you'll know in advance. In fact, if possible, I'll introduce you to the person who will be helping you in my absence.

One of my promises to you is that you will never feel abandoned.

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