Sellers need to leave their home during a showing

Posted by Liliana Sorescu on Monday, February 17th, 2014 at 5:33pm.

You've heard it many times. Whether here in Vancouver or anywhere else in the world, home sellers need to be out of the house when buyers come through.
But why? What if the buyers and their agent have questions and need answers? I'm the one who knows all about this house.
Sellers need to be away for four reasons:
1. The seller's presence can cause buyers to leave before they've had time to fall in love with the house.
When the sellers are home, most buyers are shy. They're hesitant to open closet doors or turn on faucets to check the water pressure. They feel uncomfortable and won't stay long enough to really get a feel for the house or to stand around trying to decide if their furniture will fit.
2. Sellers who get into conversations with buyers or their agents can destroy their own bargaining positions.
For instance, they may ask why you're moving and your answer might indicate that you're in a hurry and really need to sell. Thus, their offer will be lower than it might have been.
It really is no one's their business why you're moving. It has nothing at all to do with the value of the house. But if someone asks you a direct question, you may find it difficult not to answer.
If the buyers are truly interested and have a valid question, their agent will contact your agent.
3. You could be drawn into a verbal negotiation that's not in your best interests.
Some buyers are pushy and don't want to wait to write an offer and have it presented. Instead, they'll approach the seller with "Would you take…"
Answering that question without knowing all the details that go into an offer could clearly be against your best interests. "X dollars" could turn into "X minus many thousands" in seller concessions by the time the offer is written.
4. Personality conflicts.
You and those potential buyers might simply not like each other from the minute you meet. It could be a matter of attitude, or the buyers might make a statement about the house that you feel insulting. Some people see that as a form of negotiation, but when it's your home being attacked, it can make you angry.
For whatever reason, you may decide you don't want them to have your house.
The buyers might decide they don't like your "energy" and don't want to live in a house where you lived.
As your agent, I serve as a buffer between you and the buyers - protecting your interests. If they or their agents have questions I can't answer, I'll contact you immediately.
So - for your own sake, please leave while your Vancouver home is being shown.

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