Selling a Home During the Holiday Season in Vancouver

Posted by Liliana Sorescu on Monday, December 2nd, 2013 at 1:06pm.

Should you keep your home on the market during the holiday season? Of course it's up to you, but do remember that those who are looking at homes instead of doing "holiday things" are likely to be serious buyers. In fact, they may be out of area buyers who need to find a home during their children's school holiday.
It is a bother - trying to keep the house in showing condition while you're doing all the other holiday preparations.
That said, if you decide to stay with it, think about how you decorate, and do take precautions.
Decorating should be pretty, tasteful, and not overwhelming. You still want buyers to see the house and notice all its fine benefits and features. So don't go overboard.
Safety: I've warned you before about putting small valuables away when your house is likely to be shown – extend that to small valuables that might be under the tree. The showing agent will do his or her best to protect your belongings, but if there are 2 or 3 people looking together, a small item going into a pocket could go unnoticed.
More safety: Insist on appointments. Know who is going to be in your house and when. If someone comes to the door claiming to be an agent and asking for a tour, make them go back to your own agent and make the appointment.
It's sad to say, but people posing as Vancouver real estate agents and buyers could be there just to "case the joint" and see whether it's worth their while to come back when no one is home. (Is your social calendar posted on the kitchen bulletin board? You might be telling a thief exactly when it's safe to drop on by.)
If you're going to be away during the holidays (or any time your home is listed), tell your agent where you're going, when you'll be gone, and how to reach you while you're away. Don't tell anyone else – especially not potential buyers and especially not friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Of course, the caution not to alert your social network holds for any time you'll be away – not just when your home is listed.
If you'd like to discuss putting your Vancouver home on the market in December, give me a call. I'll be happy to go over the pros and cons with you. And if the decision is yes - I'll do all in my power to keep you, your home, and your possessions safe.

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