Selling Your Home? Create a "Blank Canvas"

Posted by Liliana Sorescu on Monday, May 6th, 2013 at 3:57pm.

No, I don't mean remove all the furniture and paint everything white…
I mean, remove all the distractions so your potential buyers can see themselves and their own possessions in your  house.
Take down the family photos and replace them with something neutral. Pack your trophies and collections. And if you've gone wild with paint color, do repaint to a neutral tone. It doesn't have to be stark white, just a neutral gray or beige that could allow furniture of any color without a major clash.
And of course, de-clutter. Put extra furniture and unused exercise equipment, tools, and appliances in storage. Pack those clothes and toys that are out of season.
Let your potential buyers move freely through the house, visualizing where they'll place their furniture and how they'll use each room.
In other words, let your buyers paint their own mental images on the canvas you've cleared for them.
If you're thinking of selling your home get in touch. I'll be happy to give you tips on how to make your home appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers.

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