Should your real estate agent answer every time you call?

Posted on Monday, November 19th, 2012 at 12:44am.

Today we hear a lot about consumers who, when looking for a real estate agent, simply start calling agents and then choose the first one who answers their phone.

Is that really the best way to choose a real estate agent?

No, it isn't. Before choosing, both buyers and sellers should take the time to learn a little about the agent. To learn more, you can visit their web page, read their blog posts, and read their agent bios. And if you're choosing a listing agent, you can go see how their listings are represented on line.

But back to the telephone…

If an agent answers immediately when you call, it may mean that he or she is between appointments or is working on "behind the scenes" tasks like ad writing, creating a market report, or doing research for a market analysis. It could also mean that they have no other clients!

Or worse – it could mean that they disrespect their current clients enough to take a call while showing homes, discussing a new listing, writing an offer for a buyer, or presenting an offer to a seller.

Is that the kind of disrespect you want from your real estate agent?   

Please know that when we represent you in the purchase or sale of a home we will never answer a call while we are with you, unless we're expecting a call that concerns your interests.

Further, we will always answer your calls if we are not with another client. When we can't answer immediately, we will return that call as soon as possible. The same holds true for email communications.

We are available to you from 9 in the morning until 9 in the evening. So call – and if we miss you, we will call back soon.

You can reach Liliana at 604-607-5474.

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