Silence is Golden When Buying or Selling a Home

Posted by Liliana Sorescu on Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 at 4:51pm.

Do you wonder why real estate agents recommend that sellers be absent when their home is shown?
There are two good reasons:
  • The first is that buyers will naturally feel more at ease, and will look more thoroughly when the seller isn't hovering nearby. When the seller is there, they'll hesitate to open closet doors, turn on the faucets, or linger long enough to sit down and absorb how the house "feels."
  • The second is that sellers can inadvertently give away their negotiating power.

Buyers' agents want to avoid conversations between buyer and seller (or buyer and seller's agent) for the same reason.

liliana sorescuA seemingly innocent question, such as "Why are you moving?" can lead to answers that reveal your motivation for coming to agreement and getting to closing in a hurry. Which means you'll be more apt to pay more or accept less, and the other side knows it.
So when you're buying or selling a home in , talk to your own agent – and avoid talking to anyone else about your plans. (That includes Facebook friends!)
When you work with me, I treat ALL of your personal information as confidential - because you never know when a chance remark could damage your negotiating power.

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