Want Your House to Sell Quickly?

Posted by Liliana Sorescu on Monday, August 11th, 2014 at 6:19pm.

When you want your house in Greater Vancouver area to sell quickly, you must do two things:
1. Price the house correctly.
2. Avoid "Buyer turn-offs"
What are buyer turn-offs?
The ones most often mentioned by buyers are all easy to avoid.
Odors – whether it's a kitty litter box, cooking odors, or scented plug-ins, buyers will react negatively. They don't want to smell anything but fresh clean air when they view a home.
Dirt and clutter – Unless they're shopping for a low-priced fixer, buyers are apt to reject a house if it's dirty – anywhere. And it doesn't have to be dirty all over. A sink full of dirty dishes or a muddy back door can be the turn off.
Clutter, such as unmade beds, piles of laundry, and newspapers or magazines scattered about the living room can be just as big a turn off as a filthy carpet – even if the house is otherwise spotlessly clean.
Several small malfunctions – Buyers almost unconsciously flip light switches, pull out drawers to see if they slide smoothly, and open and close doors to see if they close securely. They might even open and close windows and window coverings.
They might discount one malfunction. After all, that light bulb may have burned out this morning. But if they find several things that just don't quite work up to par, their natural reaction will be to believe the house has other, unseen, deferred maintenance.
Before you put your  house on the market, go through it as if you were a buyer. When you find anything that doesn't work perfectly, take the time to fix it.
Then, before you leave the house prior to each showing, check for clutter, dirt, and odors. If necessary, open some windows and get a cross-draft going to clear out any cooking odors that may be lingering.
And whatever you do – don't light scented candles or use perfumed spray to cover the odor. It's a sure give-away that you're masking something. Additionally, some of those buyers could be allergic to perfume, so won't even come in the door.
For more tips on getting your house ready to sell quickly, contact me. I'll be glad to share what I've learned from watching and listening to  homebuyers. I'll also be glad to prepare a comparative analysis to let you know your home's value in today's market.

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