When should you take real estate advice from anyone but your own real estate agent?

Posted by Liliana Sorescu on Friday, March 28th, 2014 at 6:12pm.

When you let friends and family know you're getting ready to purchase or sell a home, you'll get plenty of advice. As a real estate professional, I advise you to be wary of it.
Both buyers and sellers have been disappointed with their results when they took the wrong advice from a friend, a neighbor, an attorney, an accountant, Cousin Gus who sold real estate back in 1982, or Aunt Sally who sells real estate in another State.
But think about it…
Those who live in your community can give you at least one good bit of advice – they can recommend an agent who served them well (or warn you about one who did not.)
And anyone who has been involved in a real estate transaction recently can give you something more - warnings to help you avoid the mistakes they made.
They can tell you what happened when they failed to take their agent's advice – and did things to harm their own chances of buying or selling.
Home sellers can tell you about mistakes such as over pricing their home, insisting on being present for showings, and getting insulted and refusing to negotiate low offers.
Home buyers can tell you about the time wasted making low-ball offers or the disappointment of losing out on the home of their dreams when they decided to "sleep on it" overnight.
So listen to your friends and relatives – just don't listen when they give you pricing advice, and don't listen if they tell you to ignore advice from your own experienced real estate professional.
When you want expert advice about real estate right here in Vancouver, call me. I'll be glad to share.

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