When you make the final check before moving, remember...

Posted by Liliana Sorescu on Monday, January 4th, 2021 at 7:29pm.

Before you walk out that door for the final time, check these common "hiding places" for items you'll miss if you arrive at your new home without them:

Crawl spaces: Both under the house and in the attic. New occupants sometimes find things like holiday decorations, canning jars, and seasonal toys stashed in these little-used spaces. 

Under the sinks - where you may have stashed last-minute cleaning supplies.

The top shelf in closets and cabinets - where something may have been pushed to the back.

Your dishwasher - where you may have run a light load at the last minute. 

The oven, where you may have stashed pots and pans you were using during the move, and the drawer under the oven, where you might find pots and pans you seldom use. 

The refrigerator, where you might have left snacks and beverages to give you energy during the move. 

The washer and dryer - if they are staying with the house. 

The medicine cabinets, where you might have kept prescriptions and over-the-counter medications you thought you might need while packing. 

Any overhead space in the garage. 

Last but not least - if your Vancouver house has secret "hidey holes," check them one last time. 

Now make one last sweep - look at the floors for anything that could have been dropped. Check the windowsills, and look at the walls. It's easy to miss something in plain sight when you've been looking at it in the same spot for years. 

Most of the things you might leave behind can be replaced, but it's easier and less expensive to do a last-minute check and take them along. 

What should you leave behind?

Leave garage door openers, operating manuals for anything that stays with the house, and warranties that will transfer to a new owner. It's also a nice gesture to leave a list with names and contact information for local service people whose work you've appreciated. Think of babysitters, dog walkers, handymen (or women), etc. 

Are you thinking of making a move from your Vancouver home? Call me. I'll be happy to guide you through the process from start to finish. 

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