When You Stage your Vancouver Home for Sale, Remember the Garage

Posted by Liliana Sorescu on Wednesday, October 29th, 2014 at 3:12pm.

A garage supplies that extra space that so many home buyers need. Along with its original function as a place to park a vehicle and perhaps store seasonal items, garages now function as workshops, hobby rooms, home gyms, or even home offices.
So instead of storing all those packing boxes in the garage, rent a storage unit and make the garage look just as spacious and appealing as the house.
Let your potential buyers see the possibilities the garage offers for expanding your home's living space.
If your garage has become a "dumping ground" clean it out. Put the items you'll need later in that storage unit with the household items you removed for staging or packed in anticipation of moving. Then clean, paint, and organize. Remember to wash the windows and replace burned out light bulbs.
Then look at your garage door. If you've been putting off repairs, do them now. If the door is dented or bent, replace it, and consider installing the latest technology. Buyers will be impressed by the fact that they can open, close, and lock the garage using their mobile devices.
Now see what you can get off the floor and into shelves or cabinets. The more empty floor space the better. And spaking of the floor… remove oil stains, patch cracks, and give it a fresh coat of paint. Remember that light colors create an impression of more space.
The garage may not be as important as the kitchen and bathrooms – but then again it might. It all depends upon your future buyer.
Take the time to make sure your entire Vancouver home is staged and ready to impress – from the initial curb appeal, to the home's interior, to the corners of the garage. 

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