When your Vancouver home is for sale

Posted by Liliana Sorescu on Wednesday, February 13th, 2013 at 7:07pm.

When we list your home in Vancouver you have to start preparing for moving day. Now is the time to pull things out of closets, cupboards and other storage spaces, deciding which things will go with you to your new home and which will not.
You may have friends and family who want some of those items, and of course they should have first chance to take them home. What to do with the rest depends upon your personality and the time you have available.
Many Vancouver homeowners opt for a yard sale – or, if the home is already in escrow, a moving sale.
This does take some organization and some time – after all, each item does need to be priced! You can either take the time to do it yourself, or ask us for a recommendation. We know service providers who will take charge of your sale for a percentage of the receipts.
If you simply don't want to deal with it, choose a charity and donate those items. This is an easy route to take, since you can drop off a box or two at a time. And – should you decide that some furniture isn't going with you, many charities have trucks and will pick up those large / heavy items.
Disposing of those no-longer-needed items will simplify moving day and make life easier as you move into your next home – so get started as soon as your home goes on the market.
Once you've listed your property with me... get ready to move!

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