Why Are All Your Offers on Vancouver Homes Being Rejected?

Posted by Liliana Sorescu on Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013 at 3:48pm.

Are you making offers on homes here in Vancouver but repeatedly being rejected? The obvious reason would be that you're offering too low or asking for too many seller concessions, but that might NOT be the reason.
It could be that in multiple offer situations your agent is the reason for you being rejected.
This can happen for two reasons:
  • Reputation / personality
  • Sloppiness in writing and presenting offers
Reputation: If your agent is known for being hard to deal with, refuses to return phone calls, doesn't get tasks done on time, etc. the listing agent will guide the sellers to an offer from a different agent.
Sloppiness: A well written offer has all the blanks filled in and is accompanied by a variety of other documents, such as a cover letter and your bank's letter of pre-approval. In addition, the agent's remarks in the MLS listing may have further instructions about how to submit the offer.
If your agent is sloppy in presenting the offer, the listing agent and sellers will assume that he or she will be sloppy throughout the transaction. If they can, they'll choose another offer.
When you work with me, this will not be a concern. I do have a reputation in Vancouver real estate community – it's a reputation for being easy to work with and for presenting clean, complete, and correct offers.

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