Why Should Real Estate Buyers and Sellers Avoid Talking to Each Other

Posted by Liliana Sorescu on Sunday, June 9th, 2013 at 4:27pm.

Why Should  Real Estate Buyers and Sellers Avoid Talking to Each Other?
When you're selling a home in Greater Vancouver your agent will tell you to be out of the house when buyers and their agent come by. One reason is that buyers will stay longer and look more when you're not there. The other reason is that your agent would rather you didn't talk with the prospective buyers.
When you're buying a home  your agent will also tell you not to stop and "visit" with the sellers or their agent.
Why the lack of contact?
First, because you will probably inadvertently say something that weakens your bargaining position. The agent on "the other side" may ask a seemingly innocent question that reveals your motivation. For instance: "How soon do you need to move?"
Second, because as much as it's wise to keep emotions and personalities out of business transactions, they can intrude. If one party feels an aversion or animosity toward the other, the transaction isn't likely to happen.
And why should there be animosity? For simple reasons that have nothing to do with the house. The seller might criticize how the buyer's children are dressed. The buyer might criticize the seller's choice of furnishings. And if there's any sign of religious or political affiliation in the house, or on a buyer's bumper sticker, it could cause instant animosity.
When you work with me as your agent, I'll do my best to keep the focus on the house – and once an agreement has been signed, I'll do my best to hold it together until closing. 
You can help by heeding my advice to avoid contact with the people on the other side of your real estate transaction.

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