Chilliwack BC Real Estate for Sale

chilliwack bc real estateThe real estate market in Chilliwack has managed to catch the attention of real estate investors for many years now.

However, what exactly is it about Chilliwack that makes it so attractive and lucrative to investors and homebuyers alike? Could it be the city's salubrious climate or the beautiful sceneries filled with lush pines trees and rows of mountains as far as the eye can see? We would like to think that it is a combination of both factors and many others that continues to make Chilliwack one of the most attractive real estate destinations in North America.

Greater Vancouver / Lower Mainland Region

The city of Chilliwack is part of the Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland Economic Region, an area that has greatly benefited from an increase in property value and is continuing to expand. Being part of this region has given the city of Chilliwack all privileges that Vancouver real estate and its adjoining areas already enjoy. Hence by investing in the city of Chilliwack, you are effectively investing in the growth and wealth of Vancouver!

Competitive Costs

Real estate prices in Chilliwack are by far a lot more affordable than those in downtown Vancouver. We even went as far as comparing the prices of properties in different areas of Vancouver and can say without a doubt that properties in Chilliwack are a lot more affordable than any other area. This aspect, has no doubt lent a lot of credibility to Chilliwack as a destination where homeowners can easily settle down, without having to empty their entire bank accounts.

Low Property Taxes

Chilliwack is also home to one of the lowest property taxes in Vancouver, proving to be quite an advantage for all prospective homebuyers.

Growing Cosmopolitan Population

Chilliwack is one of the fastest growing urban areas in Vancouver. This city continues to attract a diverse group of people from different backgrounds, cultures and communities. No matter your ethnic or cultural background, you will be able to find the right fit in Chilliwack!

Clearly, there are a lot that goes into making Chilliwack one of the hottest Canadian real estate destination, which is why Liliana Sorescu, our lead realtor is readily available to assist you in all your real estate needs!