Coquitlam BC Real Estate for Sale

coquitlam bc real estateThere are very few real estate investors in the Greater Vancouver Region who do not consider buying property in Coquitlam as a profitable investment. So what is it about Coquitlam that has made it one of the most preferred real estate destinations, not only in and around Vancouver but across the Lower Mainland and British Columbia? Let's find out.

Solid All Round Infrastructure

The city of Coquitlam has one of the most solid and efficient infrastructures across the entire Greater Vancouver region. The city is committed to not only building new property to accommodate it's ever growing population but also expanding and fixing current infrastructures to ensure everyone living in Coquitlam enjoys the city to it's full capacity. This fulfillment to bettering the city and supporting it's ever growing and active community translates to a better type of living for potential buyers. The expansion in infrastructure include but are not limited to the addition of numerous educational institutions, ample avenues for arts and cultural pursuits within the community and a highly efficient public transport system to ensure the smooth flow of public transportation at all times to and from the Greater Vancouver Region

A Growing and Diverse Community

Coquitlam is a rapidly growing city with the population expected to increase to 176,000 by 2021. This will undoubtedly have a major impact on the overall significance of the city, in the larger scheme of things. The Coquitlam administration is fully geared up to ensure that many more people from all walks of life, diverse cultures and communities, choose to call Coquitlam home.

Business Support

A major advantage in the case of Coquitlam is the immense assistance that it receives from the business community. In fact, in many ways Coquitlam remains one of the finest destinations in British Columbia to establish and then run and operate one's business. The city fully supports the growth of entrepreneurs by ensuring lower taxes and many other advantages to these individuals. Further, the labor supply in and around Coquitlam continues to prosper offering equal opportunities to prospective buyers. The opportunities for personal and professional growth are endless in Coquitlam.


Clearly there are many factors that come into play when choosing the right investment or buying one's first home. However, Coquitlam's commitment to ensuring a prosperous community through the expansion in infrastructure and supporting new business has made it the ideal investment for any property owner.

With years of experience in dealing with small and large business owners, our lead realtor Liliana Sorescu, will be able to assist you with your next investment and or investment.