Langley BC Real Estate for Sale

langley bc real estateLangley, British Columbia is situated on the eastern fringes of the Greater Vancouver Region certainly enjoys immense real estate value. In recent years, it has particularly been awarded as the place to look out for as far as real estate investment is concerned.

In this article, let us look at some of the factors which have particularly worked favorably for Langley to emerge as a lucrative real estate investment destination.

Located 45 mins from Vancouver

One of the foremost factors in favor of Langley is quite clearly its location. Be it the Port of Vancouver, Vancouver International Airport or indeed the US border, all of these lie in close proximity to Langley which gives it a veritable edge in terms of accessibility.

And as you would easily agree, accessibility has always been considered a major factor for any prime real estate investment, just about anywhere in the world. Therefore, this particular factor has proven particularly very favorable for Langley and is quite likely to do so in the ensuing times as well.

Excellent Business Infrastructure

A key attraction about real estate in Langley is the brilliant business infrastructure that it is offered. Whether it is the establishment of a business or its day-to-day operations, business in Langley offers minimum red tape and maximum flexibility, with clearance timings for everyday processes ranging from just ONE business day, to a matter of hours in many cases.

Not only that, Langley prides itself on the kind of one-window setup that it has established for itself with immense favor. What this means for all prospective businesses looking to establish themselves here is that they do not need to run around from one place to another for clearances, payments, forms, etc. Instead, they can easily have all of this done at a single location.

Additionally, in spite of a relatively modest population of about 25,000 in the city of Langley, there is simply no labor related challenge whatsoever thanks to the easy access that it enjoys perennially across Greater Vancouver. For businesses looking to establish themselves here, this means they can put away all labor supply related concerns.

Further, work space costs in Langley remain incredibly low. As an instance, leasing office space in Langley as per 2010 estimates could cost as little as $12 - $22 per square foot. Likewise, retail space in Langley could be leased for a mere $15 - $25 per square foot.

Low Cost of Housing

Compared to a lot of other destinations in the Lower Mainland area, Langley continues to enjoy low rates of housing. For instance, if we are to look at median housing prices in Langley for a single family home in 2011, it would be around $550,000.  While for an condo in Langley, it could be as low as approximately $216,000. This works very favorably for all aspirants looking to establish a home in Langley since doing so would not burn a hole in their pocket. Finance options wherever needed are also available all too easily, so home mortgages are not a concern either.


Clearly Langley offers distinct advantages with regard to having a real estate presence in the city. So if you are on the lookout for a suitable real estate investment in Langley, look no further than Liliana Sorescu, our resident Langley realtor.