New Westminster BC Real Estate for Sale

new westminster quayNew Westminster, British Columbia has always had a very special place of its own as far as BC real estate and indeed Canadian residences as a whole goes.

With adulation received from no less than Queen Victoria herself, New Westminster has over the years grown into a vibrant, cosmopolitan part of the entire Greater Vancouver Region, while maintaining a distinct identity of its own.

In this article, we will look at some of the features which have proffered so much credence to New Westminster as a high quality real estate destination.

Well Developed Infrastructure

Infrastructure in New Westminster remains one of the most developed in this part of the region, given its historical precedence wherein industrial and economic activity has taken place over here for quite a long time. So whether one is looking at the roadways, railways, or even sea connectivity, they are all within easy reach of New Westminster.

Additionally, the location of New Westminster, within close proximity to the Skytrain transit system lends it an additional connectivity related advantage.

Variety of Housing Options

One of the most striking features of New Westminster is the variety of housing options for sale. Whether it is condos, detached homes or townhouses that you are seeking, either way you will not be disappointed. Moreover, these property offerings in turn come in a variety of designs and architectural styles of their own. So no matter the penchant of buyers with regard to say the materials used, the fixtures and fittings, the type of décor, and so on, there will not be any concerns whatsoever.

Stress on Affordability

It is true that in recent times, there was a remarkable property boom of sorts whereby real estate prices in and around this region had spiked considerably. But today, the emphasis is very clearly on affordable housing. Towards that end, various initiatives have been taken by the New Westminster administration as well the entire real estate community in and around New Westminster, to ensure that they are able to offer property that people can actually buy with considerable ease.

Therefore if you as a prospective buyer were to look around New Westminster, you would find that there are ample property options here which are easily affordable and yet remarkably high in quality.

A Forward Looking Administration

The city council in New Westminster is clearly focused on meeting the best interests of the city and towards that end, leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that there are ample opportunities for growth in this historical place.

In particular, we have seen that the administration has worked very hard towards ensuring that business opportunities continue to grow in New Westminster. After all, this would be a key factor as far as development of the city is concerned, since employment, housing and jobs would all be dependent on the presence of adequate earning opportunities there.   


Clearly, there is a lot to offer as far as real estate investment opportunities in New Westminster is concerned.

Accordingly, if you are looking for a suitable opportunity to invest in the burgeoning real estate space of New Westminster, look no further than Liliana Sorescu, our resident New Westminster real estate expert.