West Vancouver BC Real Estate for Sale

west vancouver real estateVancouver as a real estate destination clearly has a reputation of its own but if there is one part of the city which particularly stands out with its luxurious homes and a strong reputation for offering high quality property which the rich and famous would be particularly very proud of owning, that distinction would very clearly go to West Vancouver.

That is the reason already we find a mad scramble among the high and mighty, the haughty doughty if you will, to grab a delectable slice of the charming real estate homes for sale in West Vancouver.

Variety of houses in West Vancouver

One of the most compelling factors for investing in West Vancouver real estate would be the fact that there is an absolutely phenomenal amount of variety in the homes that are on offer. For instance, you might find eco-friendly homes in British Properties that give nature all the respect that it duly deserves. Then you could also easily find luxurious homes running along all the way down the Sunshine Coast which by itself gives properties on this route an additional charm of their own. 

Prospective first time home buyers simply love the fact that when it comes to West Vancouver, they clearly have so much choice from which to make up their minds. After all, with most of the buyers in this part of the city, cost is less of a concern. At the same time, they want a property which really wins their hearts hands down, and the likelihood of finding such a property, from among a variety of options available in West Vancouver becomes that much easier.

Plenty of Spacious Homes

The city of West Vancouver is all about space and comfort, not about clinginess at all. Therefore, if you are looking for homes with immaculate gardens and vast open spaces, then West Vancouver homes would clearly be the place for you to be property shopping.

In this regard, a clear distinction has to be made between say a Manhattan and a West Vancouver; while prices between these places could easily be comparable, with Manhattan invariably having an edge, even the wealthy there cannot have wide open, spacious properties due to restrictions of land availability.

The point that we are making is that quality of life and the overall value which would be obtained with similar amount of money would clearly be a whole lot higher in West Vancouver than even in Manhattan.

High Resale Value of Houses

A major attraction with regard to West Vancouver properties is the fact that they easily manage to retain their resale value, long after they have been dwelled in.

This again is in sharp contrast to property trends seen in various other places where real estate valuations have tumbled like nine pins. Clearly, that is not the case at all when it comes to West Vancouver and that is the reason buyers here feel that extra bit of confidence in actually making a purchase here since they know that they will easily gain from long term appreciation in the valuation of their properties.


All of these factors have together ensured that when it comes to West Vancouver as a real estate destination, its attraction remains simply unparalleled; a phenomenon which we are very sure is likely to remain steadfast for a long time to come. 

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